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Meteor captured on our All-Sky

Posted by admin on 28th December 2013 in Updates

We captured a meteor on our all-sky 340.  We are submitting a report to the AMS (American Meteor Society) for them to have more info.  Pictures of the fireball are located below.

(Update Dec. 30, 2013 8:17 PM) A link to the official AMS report is located here.  We are report #3461D

All-Sky 340 All-Sky 340

FTP is back online

Posted by admin on 15th October 2013 in Updates

We have restored FTP service to the computers, bringing the All Sky and the weather station back online.

FTP Failure

Posted by admin on 13th October 2013 in Updates

As you have probably seen on our home page, we are having issues with the FTP protocol with certain computers at the observatory, which is limiting us from uploading new pictures from the All-Sky camera and the Weather Station.  We are working with GoDaddy to fix these problems, and we are hoping to get these systems fully up and running again in the next week or so.