Welcome to Sycamore Stars!

Hello, and welcome to Sycamore Stars!  Sycamore Stars is a observatory dedicated to getting information about the cosmos out to the public for everyone to see.  We are currently in the process of setting up this website and all of the telescopes, cameras, radios, and weather stations, along with the history of the founder of Sycamore Stars, Roger McPherson.  We currently have:

  • Visit our blog here (We have updated recently)
  • Our S-BIG All-Sky camera set up for pictures to be taken of the sky every 30 seconds, and with a long exposure time, we hope to capture things flying overhead, such as meteors, satellites, maybe even a UFO!
  • Our weather station which transfers data to this website and is stored on a computer database for history of conditions on a certain date.
  • Pictures are being uploaded to our gallery on the website

Please click here to see what projects are currently being worked on and what is up and running and what is not.